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Coaches Spotlight: Shelby Szymanski

By kalani, 12/27/17, 9:15AM CST


Coach Shelby loves the outdoors and always wanted to be a professional fisherwoman! Read more about Coach Shelby here.

Name and Team: Shelby Szymanski, 16 Silver
“Day Job”: Admin Assistant For Therapy % Beyond (Autism Clinic)

About Coach Shelby

What is your favorite volleyball memory?
Getting to represent Team USA in People to People Ambassadors; playing volleyball in Amsterdam; meeting people from all over the country that have the same passion as you do.

Tell me about your family.
My mom is my best friend. She lives in the country side of Katy, but wants to move closer to me. She just misses me all the time! She is an event coordinator and she has a contract business to plan weddings. She is the, no joke! I am truly a daddy’s girls even though I don’t see him as much as I would like to. I mostly see him for holidays. He works on pipelines. He is so talented with his job. It amazes me. Also, he is starting a company called Saltwater Addiction, and it has to do with fishing. My dad is my life long fishing partner. Family is a huge aspect of my life. I love all of my family.

What advice would you give to volleyball players?
My advice for volleyball players would be to never lose the “heartbeat” of the game. Playing sports is great attribute to life. In life, you need a heartbeat to survive, it is the exact same thing to play a sport. Work as a team to keep the heartbeat alive. This means using every ability you have (brain, muscle, body parts, organs, skills, heart, etc.) to be a teammate.

What is your favorite food?
Seafood J
No, not the kind you chew up and show to everyone. Haha.

What college did you attend? Did you play a collegiate sport?
I attended SFA, but first I played volleyball for Panola Junior College. When I transferred I played for the SFA Club Team.

What is something you’re good at outside of volleyball?
I will pretty much do anything outside. My favorite hobby is fishing. When I was younger, I wanted to be a professional fisherwoman, so I’m just going to say I’m good at it.

Do you have a college degree? What was your field of study?
I got my Bachelors in Psychology. I would love to go back to school to get my Occupational Therapy license.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.
I don’t have any pets. However, I am the biggest dog person. I will stop what I’m doing to go say hi to a dog. My fantasy dog to own would be an Old English Bulldog. If anyone would like to make contributions, I’d gladly take them J