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Coaches Spotlight: Stephen Young

By kalani, 11/15/17, 10:15AM CST


Coach Stephen has been coaching for almost 20 years

Name and Team: Stephen Young, 13 Blue Head Coach and 15 Blue Assistant Coach
“Day Job”: Warehouse manager / freight forwarder
Volleyball-related/coaching accomplishments: This will be my 19th season coaching. After all that time, I would have to say the biggest accomplishment is seeing many of the young women that I have coached join me as a coach.  Watching their success in coaching is the best feeling ever.


About Coach Stephen

What is your favorite volleyball memory?
My favorite memory is from about 10 years ago.  While at another club, I came to realize that I was the only coach in the gym for a drill session.  With approximately 40 kids in the gym, I had to make sure everyone worked and stayed on task. I think it is one of the best practices I have ever conducted.

Tell me about your family.
I am one of two children. I personally do not have any children but, my brother has three boys.  My dad lives close to me.  My mother passed away from breast cancer in 1997.  My girlfriend (Dawn) and one of her daughters live with me.

What advice would you give to volleyball players?
Simply put, always remember: someone somewhere is working harder than you.  Never stop trying to achieve.  This could be a valuable tool in life beyond the volleyball court.

Who was/is your role model and why?
I would have to say my mom.  She never stopped fighting.

What is your favorite food?
Whatever Dawn cooks. But, my favorite of her’s is the lasagna!

What college did you attend? I attended Sam Houston State University. 

What is something you’re good at outside of volleyball?
I enjoy working with power tools and building things when I have the time and money.

What is your favorite book? 
I am not really a big reader.  But, I have read autobiographies about Chuck Norris and Nolan Ryan.  I have also read some of Stephen King’s novels.

What is your favorite song? 
I really do not have a favorite.  But, I do like many country songs, many rock songs, many gospel songs and acapella covers.

If you could meet 3 famous people for dinner, who would they be and why? 
These people may not be famous to anyone but me, but I would like to have one more dinner with my grandfather (my mom’s dad-grandaddy), grandmother (my mom’s mother-granny), and my mother.  Why? Because i just flat out miss them being around.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
For me, I think my biggest accomplishment was getting my bachelors of science degree.  After driving a truck for Dr. Pepper for almost ten years right out of high school, I finally decided to get a degree.  I graduated from Sam Houston State in December of 2004, 14 years after I graduated from high school!

Do you have a college degree?

What was your field of study?

What would your friends say are your 2 biggest strengths and 2 biggest weaknesses, and why?
Strengths would probably include dependable and trustworthy.  Weaknesses would probably include being too dependable and too trustworthy…lol.

Do you have any pets?
Yes. I have a yellow lab, her name is “remi”.  She believes she is still a puppy which means she can be in your lap at 70lbs…she is a mess.

Why did you choose to coach at TAV Houston? 
I wanted to coach at a place where the coaches are family and friends.  TAV Houston is a great place to be for that reason alone.  Not to mention, the accomplishment of many of the teams and/or the individuals on those teams.