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Coaches Spotlight: Ashley Tiernan

By kalani, 10/10/17, 8:45AM CDT


Meet Ashley Tiernan, head coach at LeTourneau University and 18 Black head coach at TAV Houston!

Name and Team: Ashley Tiernan, Coach T, 18 Black
“Day Job”: Head Coach at LeTourneau University
Volleyball-related/Coaching Accomplishments:
2013 – 2016 – Head Coach at Porter High School, 91-52 record, 3 playoff Appearances
2015, District and Area Coach of the year – District Champions
2015 – 15Black Assistant, GJNC USA Bid
2016 – 17Black Assistant, GJNC American Bid


About Coach Tiernan

Tell me about your family. – Husband Ben is a pilot for Delta, Border Collie Scooter is 6 yrs old and is our son J My parents live on Lake Jacksonville

What advice would you give to volleyball players? – Being Mentally Tough is half the battle

Who was/is your role model and why? – Jeff Bagwell because he went against all odds and became one of the best first basemen EVER

What is your favorite food? – Any pasta dish!

What college did you attend? Did you play a collegiate sport? – University of Illinois at Springfield, played volleyball for 4 years

What is something you’re good at outside of volleyball? – Surfing

What is your favorite book? – Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

What is your favorite song? – Sugarland: Baby Girl because my parents mean the world to me and always teach me to follow my dreams

If you could meet 3 famous people for dinner, who would they be and why? – Russ Rose so I could pick his brain on developing programs, Jeff Bagwell because he is my role model and Brian Urlacher because he led DA BEARS to the superbowl in 2006 as a defensive player (DEFENSE WINS GAMES!)

Do you have a college degree? Masters Degree in Mass Media Communication

What would your friends say are your 2 biggest strengths and 2 biggest weaknesses, and why? – Strengths: Sense of humor and Determination Weaknesses: Easily distracted by cupcakes and has an intense fear of freaky looking clowns (circus clowns don’t bother me J)

Why did you choose to coach at TAV Houston? – Felt like a family when I worked the first free clinic they hosted

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them. SCOOTER!! Love of my life, I treat him like a human. 6 yr old border collie, found him at scooter’s car wash in Atascocita when he was 10 weeks old. We have been attached at the hip ever since that day! He jumps higher than my athletes, is extremely smart and is currently learning how to pepper with his mom J