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Coaches Spotlight: Bill Jenkins

By kalani, 09/18/17, 7:15AM CDT


Name and Team: Bill Jenkins; Depends on which day it is. This year it will be 13 Black and 17 Black
“Day Job”: Assistant Director at TAV Houston and doer of all things involving manual labor at 2733 Rayford Road.
Volleyball-related/Coaching Accomplishments: In 2 years at Tomball HS: Tomball 2014 HC JV District Champs, 2015 Tomball HC Freshman District Champs and 29-2 record. Tomball Varsity (asst) District Champs both years. All 4 teams coached at TAV Houston since opening in 2015 have qualified for USAV Nationals….2015 13 Black and 15 Black, 2016  14 Black and 17 Black.

About Coach Bill

What is your favorite volleyball memory? Watching my daughter play volleyball and achieve her dream of playing D1 collegiately.

Tell us about your family.   I have a beautiful wife, Christie, of 34 years! I have 3 children: Preston my oldest is in the US Coast Guard and played football at University of North Texas. Courtney taught school for 3 years and now is a nurse. Tara is currently playing volleyball on scholarship at the University of Louisiana Monroe. I have 2 grandchildren, Alexa (9), and Landry was just born on Sept 8th, 2017.

What advice would you give to volleyball players? Play the game because you love it and don’t ever let anyone else take away your love…. Not a coach, not a parent, not a friend, and certainly not another player. Just be you, Boo.

Who was/is your role model and why? My favorite role model was Roger Staubach. He showed that professional athletes could still live a Christian life, be a contributor to the community, and have a family. He did not force any of his beliefs on anyone else, but merely led by example with his words, and actions each day.

What is your favorite food?  Anything Mexican.

What college did you attend? Did you play a collegiate sport? I attended Texas A&M University and played baseball my freshman year. My junior year I transferred to UTA and graduated from UTA.

What is something you’re good at outside of volleyball? I am really good at being a DAD.

What is your favorite book? I love everything written by Faulkner.

What is your favorite song? Every song Journey and Kool and the Gang ever made

If you could meet 3 famous people for dinner, who would they be and why? The first would be Ronald Reagan. He helped America feel good about themselves after 20 years of turmoil, war, and horrific economics. His ability to bring all different types of people together for a common goal was uncanny. The second would be Martin Luther King. I would like to hear his thoughts on the progress we have made since clearly things are much different than when he started raising awareness, but also to hear his thoughts on how to move forward from where we are now. My 3rd but not necessarily in this order would be Jesus. Why? Duh.

What is your biggest accomplishment? As just an average dude, I will never have 1 single biggest accomplishment. When I look back at the end I think my single biggest accomplishment will simply be an accumulation of all the kids that I have raised, coached, taught, and mentored over my 30 years. If I had to choose one single accomplishment to date, it would have to be staying married to my wife for 34 years and raising 3 outstanding kids. What more could an average dude hope for?

Do you have a college degree? What was your field of study? I have 2 degrees. My Bach of Science is in Interdisciplinary Studies, and I have a Masters Degree in Mathematics

What would your friends say are your 2 biggest strengths and 2 biggest weaknesses, and why? My 2 biggest strengths would be my ability to see people not as they are today, but seeing them today as if they had already become the best person they will be. My other strength is also my biggest weakness… I LOVE to WORK! I find something that I am passionate about and I work. Working makes me feel good about myself each day. So my 2 biggest weaknesses would be working too much, and trusting people too much. That probably comes from my other strength which is seeing people for their best, lol.

Why did you choose to coach at TAV Houston? I chose to coach at TAV Houston because TAV is the national model for club volleyball. They have a proven system for training, and winning. I felt like our area is a hotbed for volleyball and I wanted to be on the ground floor of building something great.

Do you have any pets? My wife and I are DOG people. Our best friend for the last 15 years has been Angel, our 9 pound Bichon. She recently passed leaving a big hole in our lives and I am sure that there is another best friend to come into our lives real soon.